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Crystal Window & Door Systems Launches New Logo

FLUSHING, NY, March 1, 2011 C Crystal Window & Door Systems, the award winning national manufacturer, has announced the introduction of a new corporate logo. The bold, bright modern design of the new logo utilizes large solid block font lettering stylized to represent gemstone crystal prisms. The new logo was introduced to commemorate the company?s 20 years of growth since startup in 1990 and to inaugurate its role as a national fenestration industry leader. Crystal will phase in the new corporate logo over the coming months.

Crystal celebrates 20th year anniversary

The new corporate logo design?s gemstone representation visually links the company name to some noble corporate and product attributes. Like gemstones forged under harsh geologic conditions, Crystal has emerged after 20 years from a competitive crucible as a successful industry leader and its products, also like gemstones, are things of enduring beauty, elegance, strength and durability.

The logo?s color scheme combines the firm?s traditional dark blue with bold, vibrant orange accents. The colors are also reminiscent of the flag of New York City, the place where Crystal was born, grew, is headquartered and continues to thrive.

Crystal celebrates 20th year anniversary

As the company completed the celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Crystal considered a new logo as the perfect symbol of an innovative, modern corporation. The significant growth and expansion of the company in terms of product lines, energy efficiency, production capabilities, national presence, technology advancement, vertical integration and related subsidiaries, drove us to consider a new corporate symbol, said Steve Chen, Executive Vice President at Crystal. I?m extremely pleased that our new contemporary logo will represent us as we enter our third decade of growth and success. It is an exciting time for Crystal, and we welcome the opportunities the future holds for us.

The new logo design was inspired by a concept put forward by the company?s R&D Manager and was developed by the in-house graphic design team. The new logo is a major departure from the company?s prior corporate logo, which utilized a globe outline on a dark navy blue background.

Crystal Window & Door Systems is one of the top 50 manufacturers in North America of replacement and new construction vinyl and aluminum window and door products and high-end fenestration systems. Crystal offers a full product line, rapid order-to-delivery times, quality workmanship, innovative product features and outstanding value. Crystal operates branches, subsidiaries and affiliates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Crystal is dedicated to practicing green environmental initiatives in all aspects of corporate activities. For further information about Crystal and its products, call 718-961-7300, or visit the website at

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