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New Crystal Evolution 9000 Tilt & Turn Window
Dual Action AW-Rated Window Is the Manufacturer's "Flagship" Aluminum Product

FLUSHING, NY, October 21, 2011 C Crystal Window & Door Systems, the award-winning national manufacturer, is extremely proud to announce the introduction of the company?s new premier aluminum product C the Evolution Series 9000 Tilt & Turn Window Line. European inspired, tilt-and-turn windows offer the dual-action functionality of a large project-in hopper window, which tilts in at the top, and a casement window, which is hinged at the side to swing in. The AW-Rated Series 9000 is the new flagship of the company?s broad product line of aluminum and vinyl windows.

Crystal celebrates 20th year anniversary

These grand windows deliver majestic full unobstructed views for discriminating architects, owners and premier properties. Tilt-and-turn windows such as the Crystal Evolution 9000 are extremely suitable for both new construction and replacement applications in prestigious homes, high-rise apartments, grand hotels, museums, libraries and other institutional buildings.

The new window line is available in a tilt-and-turn model (Series 9000) and a fixed picture window (Series 9100); multiple units of either style can be combined using either a continuous master frame system or a zero-mullion system which allows windows to be stacked atop one another or ganged side-by-side.

The Evolution 9000 Series design is the perfect blend of heavy-duty construction, graceful design and advanced energy efficiency. The 3-? jamb aluminum windows boast extrusion wall thickness of 0.093. The window has achieved an AAMA rating of AW-PG70. The AW or Architectural Window rating is the window industry?s most rigorous standard, and involves testing before and after simulated life cycle operation of the test sample.

I am extremely proud the Crystal R&D team has been able to deliver this truly outstanding product, said Rizaldy Espinosa, Crystal?s R&D Director. The Evolution 9000 Tilt & Turn line is loaded with performance features including pressure equalized design where a special chamber in the frame balances exterior and internal pressure differences to aid the water weep system. I?m sure Crystal?s current and prospective customers will be as delighted as I am with the new Evolution 9000 Tilt & Turn line.

With a distinct exterior profile, the Evolution 9000 window exudes European design style. The window sash mates perfectly to the frame with zero sightline addition for a clean modern look. European style hinges and handle accentuate the window?s aesthetics. Industry-leading Monticello metal corner keys are used to reinforce the full miter sash and frame corners. Besides facilitating silicone sealing, Monticello corner keys are mechanically designed to draw corners tight as they are fastened into the frame or sash profiles. Concealed multi-point locks secure the window when closed.

Crystal?s new Series 9000 is also an aluminum window energy performance leader. The key to the multi-chambered frame and sash thermal efficiency is its advanced ? thermal barrier polyamide I-Bar strut system. Off-center placement of the thermal break system in the sash favoring the exterior aids the window?s thermal performance and glass system resistance to condensation. The 1-? insulating glass unit (1 is optional) is available with either double or triple glass. A variety of low-E glass options including Crystal?s multi-surface ESG package are available. Insulating glass units are structurally glazed into the sashes and triple gasket seals between sashes and frames further add to energy performance and weather resistance. The Evolution 9000 and 9100 have delivered amazing NFRC aluminum window thermal test U-values as low as 0.33 and 0.30, respectively.

Aesthetic options include between-the-glass or applied grids in a variety of styles. The Evolution 9000?s internal I-Bar strut thermal break system easily facilitates optional two-tone finishes with different interior and exterior extruded aluminum colors. Besides standard white and bronze, Crystal offers a broad palette of optional stock and custom colors. All Crystal aluminum windows receive as standard a durable environmentally sustainable power coat paint finish meeting AAMA 2604 national standards, with an upgrade to AAMA 2605 as an option.

The dual-action operation of the Evolution 9000 Tilt & Turn Window delivers many advantages. The tilt-in feature provides a 4 opening at the top of the window to offer indirect no draft ventilation. The swing-in casement operation, which has an optional key lock for safety, provides full opening ventilation and easy access for cleaning. In larger sizes, the casement opening operation can provide door-like access to rooftop gardens and deck areas. Indeed, the Evolution 9000 is available in very large, grand floor-to-ceiling sizes with dimensions up to 52 in width and 84 in height for the Tilt & Turn model and 60 in width and 104-? in height for the Picture / Fixed window.

Accessories for the Evolution 9000 Series include installation clips and snap trim as well as a frame flange installation fin and receptor systems. Optional field- and factory-applied historic panning systems are also available.

Crystal Window & Door Systems is one of the top 40 manufacturers in North America of replacement and new construction vinyl and aluminum window and door products and high-end fenestration systems. Crystal offers a full product line, rapid order-to-delivery times, quality workmanship, innovative product features and outstanding value. Crystal operates branches, subsidiaries and affiliates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Crystal is dedicated to practicing "green" environmental initiatives in all aspects of corporate activities. For further information about Crystal and its products, call 718-961-7300, or visit the website at

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