Crystal’s Social Media Presence Expands, Enhances Connections

Crystal Windows’ expanded social media presence enables it to keep connected in many ways with customers, suppliers, and other professionals in the design-build community.

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QUEENS, NY, December 4, 2020 –For several years, national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems has developed its social media presence to supplement traditional marketing and communication methods such as print and radio advertising, email, and direct mail.  This year, with pandemic shutdowns and reductions of in-person meetings, Crystal has found that its efforts with social media platforms have paid off greatly to keep trade customers, design and construction professionals, and suppliers up to date with the latest company developments at this critical time.

“Our steady growth in social media usage and building our following on each social media platform laid the groundwork for the virtual world of 2020,” said Steve Chen, President of Crystal.  “We have been able to stay conveniently connected with our broad national network, and even add new followers as a result of our trade customers sharing Crystal news with their clients.”

While Crystal has had a website for over 20 years, the company started its online social presence with Facebook 10 years ago and has since added Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a dedicated YouTube channel.  The company posts a wide range of news, events, and information on each site.  The latest large and notable projects across the country are featured regularly, with eye-catching photos and a brief description of the products supplied.  New product introductions, product features, available accessories, and special sales promotions are also common subjects for Crystal social media.

Beyond products and projects, Crystal uses its social media sites to highlight customers and employees, tout company achievements,and announce job opportunities.  “Crystal customers and employees enjoy being included in our postings, it’s great for morale,” said Isabella Leung, HR Manager for Crystal.  “Also, our positive postings reflect the achievement-oriented work environment we offer, so our job postings often get immediate results.”

Working with several different social media platforms allows Crystal to match follower preferences and target news best suited for each platform.  “LinkedIn tends to be mainly business-focused, whereas Twitter is trendier and more people-focused, and YouTube which focuses on in-depth information or instruction usually requires more viewer time,” said Chen.  “Trade customers, suppliers, architects, and other construction professionals all tend to have their own preferences, so we try to cover all the bases with our social media. Using multiple platforms allows our sales and marketing reps to connect directly with various audiences in their manner of choice.”

Crystal social media presence supplements more traditional digital, print, and audio methods of promoting and advertising the company.  In addition to frequent social media postings, Crystal:

  • hosts a robust, frequently updated, comprehensive, user-friendly website
  • distributes a quarterly digital newsletter to customers, suppliers, and affiliates
  • shares news releases on the company which are also frequently carried by fenestration, real estate, business, trade, and general audience publications
  • sends out email notifications to customers about product enhancements, operational changes, sales, pricing, and services
  • advertises in print, online, and radio outlets
  • utilizes online hiring platforms to recruit new employees
  • delivers continuing education webinars and instructional seminars on many fenestration topics.

To keep up with the latest Crystal happenings, use these social media links:

  Crystal NY Headquarters Crystal California (West Coast Affiliate)
Facebook: @CWNDS @CrystalWindowCA
Twitter: @DoorCrystal @CrystalWindowCA
Instagram: @CrystalWindowandDoor @CrystalWindowCA
LinkedIn: @crystal-window-&-door-systems @crystal-pacific-window-&-door-system-inc
YouTube: @Crystal Window & Door Systems NYC n/a

For more information, you may also contact your Crystal sales representative or Crystal’s Marketing Department at 800-472-9988 x3250.