Crystal Windows Beat the Sun and Heat at New Phoenix Hotel

Crystal recently supplied new aluminum commercial windows with custom glass and frame finish for the latest Holiday Inn Express & Suites located in downtown Phoenix, AZ.  Photos courtesy of Baxter Construction.

-Custom Windows and Glass Offer Energy Efficiency, Beauty, and Durability-

QUEENS, NY, August 20, 2021 –Crystal Window & Door Systems is pleased to report that its window systems have successfully met the challenge of Phoenix, AZ’s legendary heat and sun.  The award-winning national manufacturer supplied 151 large commercial windows with a special low-E coated and tinted glass package from Vitro Architectural Glass and 119 HVAC panels for a new Holiday Inn Express & Suites in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. Located at 950 West Van Buren Street, the 119 room hotel is the latest addition to Crystal’s expanding portfolio of national hotel and hospitality projects.

“Due to the extreme sun and heat in Phoenix almost year-round, we supplied insulated dual-pane glass units with tinted and low-E coated glass plus Argon gas filling,” said Frank Ganninger, Crystal’s Central West regional manager.  “Together with the architect and GC, we selected the Pacifica Blue tint glass with a Solarban 60 low-E coating from Vitro Architectural Glass, which gives the building façade a really beautiful design, superior sun glare control, energy efficiency, and comfort for the interior.”

The project exclusively used the Crystal aluminum Series 2100 fixed picture window which features a 3-¼” frame depth and narrow sightlines. With various test sizes, the window has achieved CW-PG 60, CW-PG65, and CW-PG90 AAMA ratings.In guestrooms, the Crystal Series 2100 window system utilized a continuous head and sill with an integral T-jamb mullion to combine two glass sash panels into a single 96” wide frame.  The wide guestroom windows were then stacked atop similarly large 96” wide louver panels to accommodate individual room HVAC units.  Crystal factory-installed the louvers in Series 2100 window frames and mulled these to the glass windows filling the vast 96” x 96” openings and providing expansive views for each room while maintaining a pleasant interior environment. Crystal sourced the AEL-42 Aluminum Louver PTAC panels from Reliable Products of Geneva, AL, which assure consistent performance and accurate HVAC unit placement.

Crystal also supplied factory-mulled four fixed lite windows for hallway openings and single lite tall narrow stairwell windows to complete the façade.  All the Series 2100 window frames were specified with nailing fins and Crystal’scustom-designed head panning drip caps.  Crystal supplied the aluminum window and louver frames with a custom clear anodized Class 1 finish, which provides a brilliant shine and an even, consistent finish.  This also makes the aluminum components very resistant to degradation by sunlight, wind, and other harsh Southwest climate elements.

Key to Crystal’s success with taming the Arizona sun and heat is the insulated glass system used for the project’s windows.  Crystal sourced aspecialPacifica Blue glass from Vitro Architectural Glass, which handles sun heat gain and glare especially well, while providing a distinctive and attractive rich blue tint. With samples approved by the project architect and general contractor, Crystal increased the IGU to 1” rather than the standard ⅞” thickness and fabricated the IGUs with tinted exterior ¼” low-E SB60 glass and clear interior ¼” glass, tempered where required, and with Argon gas filling.

“The resulting IGUwith tinted Pacifica Blue glass, Solarban 60, and Argon filling delivers outstanding solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.22, as well as a low U-value of 0.24 for the glass system,” said Ganninger.

Baxter Construction Company, based in Fort Madison, IA, is a national firm with a broad commercial portfolio including hospitality and multi-family properties. Baxter was the general contractor for the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Downtown Phoenix project.  The architecture firm was Orcutt|Winslow of Phoenix, AZ.  The hotel has 119 guest rooms, on-site parking, business center amenities and meeting rooms, a pool, and a fitness center.It is conveniently located near the Phoenix government center and walkable arts district.