Crystal Launches Latest High-End Architectural Window

Crystal Windows’ new architectural Series 9200 Aluminum Window line combines superior thermal and structural performance.

 – New Series 9200 Aluminum Window Line Combines Outstanding Thermal and Structural Performance –

QUEENS, NY, February 22, 2022 – Award-winning national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems is proud to announce the introduction of its newest heavy-commercial window line.  Noted for its superior thermal and structural performance, the new Crystal Series 9200 is a high-end aluminum polyamide thermal barrier window capable of meeting today’s demanding energy, operating, and aesthetic demands.  Now the flagship of the Crystal product lines, the Series 9200 is available in Tilt-and-Turn (dual action), In-Swing Casement, and Fixed/Picture window models and is well suited for all applications, especially mid- and high-rise buildings.

“Crystal is really pleased to introduce its new Series 9200, our next generation advanced commercial window line,” said Sabrina Leung, R&D and Architectural Sales Manager.  “Perhaps the window’s greatest feature is its outstanding thermal performance.  Key to achieving superior energy efficiency is the incorporation of state-of-the-art polyamide struts in the frame (34mm) and in the sashes (47mm) to thermally isolate the window’s interior and exterior surfaces.”

The Crystal 9200 is a 3-¼” jamb depth architecturally-rated window line with modern clean European-style frame and sash and utilizing an advanced energy efficient structure.  Features adding to the visual appeal of the window line include the zero sightline sash design and concealed, heavy-duty hinges (up to 275-lb. weight capacity).

Other energy efficiency features such as insulated glass unit (IGU) infills of 1” to 1-½” and the sash’s triple EPDM gasketing combine with the polyamide struts to achieve U-values from a great 0.31 to an outstanding 0.22 (with appropriate options).  The standard IGU for all the Crystal Series 9200 models is 1” double-pane.  Options include 1-¼” and 1-½” IGUs, as well as triple glass, argon gas filling, and a wide selection of low-emissivity coated glass choices.

The Series 9200 windows provide some of the best structural performances of Crystal’s overall product lineup.  The Tilt-and-Turn model, which features the dual action operation of tilting in at the head or swinging in from the jamb, is rated AW-PG60 (expected) with 12 psf water resistance.  The Tilt-and-Turn model also offers a unique micro-ventilation position tilt-in feature.  The structural rating of the In-Swing Casement model is an outstanding AW-PG100 with 12 psf water resistance, and the Fixed/Picture model is rated AW-PG75 with 12 psf water resistance.

Numerous aesthetic options are available for the new Crystal Series 9200 product line.  The Series 9200 models are finished in Crystal’s attractive, durable, and environmentally sustainable powder coat paint.  The window’s polyamide thermal strut construction facilitates dual-finish, two-tone paint options, where the exterior and interior can be finished in two different colors.  Crystal offers a broad palate of standard and custom colors in either the standard AAMA 2604 or upgraded AAMA 2605 powder coat finish to select from.  Liquid paint options are also available.  Other aesthetic options include a selection of between-the-glass and applied grids.

From a functional standpoint, the Series 9200 product line’s continuous master frame option allows various window models to be combined into large multiple units providing expansive views.  Special drywall receptor frames, full flex screens, extended lever handle, window opening limit devices, and a variety of traditional mullions and installation accessories are also available.