Crystal Introduces New AW Rated Aluminum DH Window

Crystal introduces the new AW-rated aluminum double-hung Series 2700 window.  Featuring a sloped sill, equal sightlines, and easy-clean tilt-in sashes, the new premium window provides enhanced energy performance to meet stringent energy codes.

-New Window Features AW Rating and Enhanced Energy Efficiency-


QUEENS, NY, July 26, 2023 –Award-winning national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems has once again expanded its broad product line with a new window.  The new Series 2700 is a 3-¼” jamb aluminum tilt-in sash double-hung window with enhanced energy performance and an AW-rated model.  Suitable for a variety of replacement and new construction applications, the Crystal Series 2700 meets the latest stringent energy code requirements of New York City and other jurisdictions.


The Crystal Series 2700 Double-Hung and Series 2710 Fixed/Picture window models are available in both commercial window CW-PG50 and architectural-rated AW-PG50 versions.  The Series 2710 is also available in a variety of special shapes.  All the windows have strong 3-¼” depths frame with thermally improved wide thermal break profiles.                            

“The new Series 2700 window is an amazing addition to the Crystal product line,” said Sabrina Leung, R&D/Architectural Sales Manager for Crystal.  “The affordable 3-¼” frame window with enhanced energy performance that easily complies with new codes and an AW-rated option certainly fills a ‘sweet spot’ in the Crystal lineup.  I’m sure it will be a big hit with architects, developers, builders, and fenestration contractors.”

The Crystal Series 2700 Double-Hung features a fast draining sloped sill, easy clean tilt-in sashes and an aesthetically pleasing equal sightline design.  The 2700 Double-Hung also includes a full width auto-lock pull/lift rail at the head and sill, as well as a continuous weather strip at the meeting rail for improved air and water tightness, all ensuring convenience, safety, and comfort.


The Crystal Series 2700 aluminum double-hung window features tilt-in sashes for convenient cleaning and a full-width auto-lock lift rail for ease of operation.


In addition to the features of the standard CW-rated version, the Crystal Series 2700 AW-rated model adds steel reinforcement to the lock rail, anti-bow pins at the jambs, and recessed custodial torx tilt latches for the lower sash.  As a result, the AW-PG50 window achieves a 10psf water rating.

The Crystal Series 2700 window provides a 1” glazing pocket, and with a single low-E coated and Argon filled double-pane insulating glass unit (IGU), the window easily and affordably complies with New York City energy codes.  With other IGU options, U-values as low as 0.33 are possible.  Besides low-E, Argon, and triple glass IGUs, between-glass and simulated divided lite grids are also available.


Options to speed Series 2700 new construction and retrofit installations including a 1-¼” nailing fin or 2-½” face flange frame.  Crystal mullion systems facilitate combining Series 2700 windows with one another.  Adding to comfort, convenience, and safety, other options include sash opening limit stops, full or half screens, and block-and-tackle or ultra-lift balances.  All the Crystal Series 2700 windows come finished in durable AAMA 2604 sustainable powder coat standard colors, with a wide variety of custom colors and an optional upgrade to AAMA 2605 finish is available.