This next-generation platform manages the company’s quoting, sales, production, delivery and other vital operations. And now, our dealer-module is ready to serve valued Crystal dealers like you! Code name: E-ZCrystal .

The new system offers many features that improve order efficiency, accuracy, turnaround and flexibility. Customers can see up-to-the-minute product information and configuration options. Order status is easily checked in real time online. Clear, plain language quotation and order documentation includes digital product illustrations for every line item and corresponding accessories are listed by opening.

E-ZCrystal will also allow trained trade customers to develop quotations and enter orders directly through the online E-ZCrystal portal, speeding the time from quotation to order through delivery. Our #1 goal is to simplify and speed up your Crystal buying experience!

Our state-of-the-art client-end quotation and order-placement / management system.
“E-ZCrystal” is ready to serve you! The expansive list of features and benefits include:

  • You can now provide instant-quote your customers. No more waiting for quote turnaround!
  • Convert quotes to orders directly in E-ZCrystal and get instant-  confirmation. There is no need to fax signed confirmations.
  • Use E-ZCrystal to manage your customer-base. Create account for each customer; assign default selling margin; view and track every quote/order for that customer.
  • Custom margins to each quote and use E-ZCrystal as your own selling-tool!
  • Pricing for all products are linked from your account. No-additional set-up needed.
  • E-ZCrystal automatically updates each time you open the program. It will always reflect the most-recent pricing and product features

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