• Top Performance, Intelligent Design, Timeless Style
    These are the windows and doors from Magnus Series. They are engineered to perform. They are beautiful, durable, energy efficient and available in an extensive variety of styles, colors and configurations.
  • uPVC Delivers Where Others Fail
    MAGNUS windows and doors resist fading or corrosion. The proprietary unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) formulation and extrusion process result in superior profiles that outlast and outperform materials like aluminum or wood. Plus, uPVC is a natural insulator. It resists heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
  • Less Stress on the Environment
    Our windows and doors offer long service life and excellent thermal performance that minimizes energy use. This conserves raw materials and prevents pollution associated with manufacturing and disposing of other, shorter-life alternatives.
  • The ALL-ROUND Talent:
    Fusion-welded corners, Steel reinforcement, Compression-seal technology, Multiple locking points, and High-definition finish.
  • A Better Thermal Performance:
    Reducing energy usage is important. Not just for the occupant’s wallet but also on a larger scale when it comes to sustainable building. Lower energy consumption with a good conscience – whether it’s cold or hot outside.
  • Minimize Maintenance:
    Thanks to a high-quality, high-definition finish (HDF), smudges can be quickly and easily removed using conventional detergents. As far as maintenance, the occasional application of a quality lubricant to the moving parts, such as hinges and lock mechanisms, is all that is needed. The newly developed sealing technology assures optimal closing pressure. Due to advanced engineering and close cooperation with hardware suppliers, window and door operation is smooth and easy. Reduce maintenance and cleaning effort to a minimum.
  • Ensure Peace and Quiet:
    Noise is disturbing and over time, it is even unhealthy. Increase occupants’ feeling of well-being with the previously unattained values in noise protection.
  • Superior Security Features:
    In combination with the appropriate hardware, Magnus System windows and doors enhance security with multiple locking points, fusion-welded corners and steel-reinforced, multi-chambered design. Enjoy the security you are looking for.
  • Better Formulation:
    MAGNUS contains proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion process produces superior window systems that outlast and outperform alternative materials like aluminum and wood-clad products. Those corrode and rot from exposure to weather and pollution. The formula includes above-average quantities of TiO2 stabilizers and impact modifiers to protect against fading from solar radiation. When put through five years of weather testing in Arizona, this formula showed its strength; MAGNUS uPVC performed better than standard vinyl. The unique uPVC formula from MAGNUS also results in a higher than average surface gloss level. This enhanced the ability of MAGNUS window systems to repel dirt and retain their color.

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