MAGNUS™ 4700 Series Passive House Certified Tilt-Turns & Hoppers Windows

  • RAU-FIPRO™ Profile Core
    • Ensures excellent stability and torsional rigidity making it possible to build larger windows without steel reinforcement
  • Dual-Action Window (Three Window Styles in One)
    • An inward-opening casement in the turn position, a secure top-venting hopper in the tilt position, and a tightly-sealed fixed window when closed.
  • Multiple Locking Points
    • And dual weather seals provide optimal compression and performance against sound, air and water infiltration
  • Six-chambered frame
    • Produces superior thermal insulation making net zero energy and passive housing requirements possible to achieve
  • Integrated reinforcement system
    • Provides stability and secure hardware attachment by utilizing unique screw channels and additional lateral stiffening
  • High Performance Glass
    • Increases energy efficiency and acoustical performance

Product Description

Crystal Window & Door Systems Magnus Series 4700 Passive House Certified Windows and Doors are engineered for superior quality and performance. A variety of energy-efficient types and styles are available for commercial and architectural projects. Every Magnus Series 4700 Passive House Certified Windows and Doors is custom-made to your specifications using premium vinyl, high-performance glass, and high-quality hardware. And each window performs with outstanding energy, acoustic, and structural properties. Due to their high energy performance, low energy costs and support for sustainability, MAGNUS Series 4700 Passive House Certified Windows and Doors are approved for net-zero energy and passive housing.

Crystal Window & Door Systems is a proud long-term partner of REHAU, a global manufacturer of polymer-based solutions for construction, automotive, and industry. Founded in Germany more than 70 years ago, REHAU is known for delivering high-performance window and door solutions, with uncompromising attention to detail from design to profile extrusion to service. REHAU offers a variety of styles from typical residential hung-slider, casement, and patio door to the most advanced European-style tilt-turn windows that achieve the highest structural, thermal, and acoustical performance ratings.


  • Enhance any color scheme
    • A wide variety of high-performance decorative finishes also available, including solid colors and woodgrains.
  • Increase energy efficiency
    • LowE3 performance glass and Argon gas available. LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas (LE3/Ar) is available and recommended to increase energy efficiency and meet California’s energy requirements, Title 24, Part 6.
  • Improve acoustical properties
    • Dissimilar glass units and laminated glass available.

Types & Styles

FRAME DEPTH: 3 3/8″  |  OVERALL GLASS: UP TO 2 3/32″

Choose from tilt-turns, hoppers, turns, fixed, and combination windows to create the greatest views imaginable. Other combos available. All windows are viewed from the exterior.

Grid Patterns


A variety of between-the-glass aluminum grid options are available. Adding grids may improve energy performance ratings.

Grids may not be available due to product type and or size. Marginal and Queen Anne are not available with swing doors.

Specialty Glass


A variety of semi-opaque patterned and tinted glass options are available, including the most popular types, Obscure, Rain, and Matte.

Patterns and tints shown are not exact and may vary. Samples available through a Crystal authorized dealer or representative.

Decorative Finishes

Decorative finishes are high-performance multilayered films that are resistant to weather, chemicals, and UV. Select from a wide variety of solid colors and woodgrains to enhance any color scheme.

The following colors are just a sample of the many decorative finishes available.

Colors shown are not exact and may vary. Samples available through a Crystal authorized dealer or representative.