Series 1450/1450D/1460 Aluminum Heavy Commercial / Architectural Thermal-Break Swing Terrace Doors

  • Frame Depth = 3-1/4″
  • Insulated Glass Unit Depth = 1″ ~ for greater insulation & sound reduction.
  • Tempered Glass Panes 1/8″ Thick
  • PPG “Intercept” Insulated Glass Spacer ~ the “warm-edge” technology of choice.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction ~ all profiles are .093″ thick.
  • “Insul-Bar” ThermoBlok™ ~ System easily permits two-tone colors.
  • Opening Limit Bar ~ prevents door from “flying open”
  • 7 Point Lock System ~ 9 point for doors over 45″ width.
  • European Style Lock & Handle
  • Swing “Out” Operation ~ standard design.
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Product Description

This Crystal® Series 1450 aluminum architectural swing terrace door series features a high performance frame structure, an innovative polyurethane thermal barrier technology that thermally breaks conductivity of the aluminum frame to substantially reduce thermal transfer from exterior of door frame to interiors, and “intercept” warm edge glass spacer technology. These integrated features reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems, providing long term energy efficiency and utility savings to property owners. Coordinating architectural transoms, heavy-duty hardware, and superior-performance IGU assembly for maximum insulation and sound reduction, makes this series popular with urban developers.


  • Low-E Coating & Argon – Enhances energy efficiency.
  • Custom Colors and Finishes
  • 2″ Face Flange
  • Cylinder Key Lock
  • Matching Transom Units
  • Panning and Interior Trim
  • Hydraulic Door Closer
  • Minimalist Handle Design
  • Grids
  • ADA Threshold (1450D Only)
  • 10″ Kick Plate (1450D Only)
  • Glazing options available to meet many state and local municipality energy codes, call a Crystal representative to confirm glazing type required