Crystal uPVC Windows Approved for Florida Hurricane Zones

Crystal Window & Door Systems’ MAGNUS uPVC Commercial Vinyl Series 4500 Tilt-and-Turn (shown above, with its test certificate) and Fixed windows received approval for use in Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) as well as regions outside these zones.  Crystal now has 10 windows approved for projects in Florida, with two in HVHZs.

-High-End Commercial Vinyl Rated for Impact and Water Resistance-

QUEENS, NY, November 17, 2022 – National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems is pleased to announce that it has added two products to its roster of windows approved by the Florida Building Commission.  The MAGNUS uPVC commercial vinyl Series 4500 Tilt-and-Turn and Fixed windows were just approved for use in Florida hurricane areas.  Crystal already has eight other products approved for high-wind locations in the state by Florida building authorities.  All these Crystal windows are also suitable candidates for high-wind and coastal locations in other states.

“These are the first Crystal products rated for use in Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) for impact and water resistance, as well as for use in less severe high-wind locations,” said Sabrina Leung, Architectural Sales and Engineering Manager.  “The MAGNUS line is one of our top performers, with the perfect combination of aluminum’s superior strength and vinyl’s outstanding thermal performance.  The uPVC line also offers great sound attenuation.”

Qualifying for the Florida HVHZ rating, the MAGNUS Series 4500Tilt-and-Turn window achieved an R65/wind zone 4/missile level D rating, with water resistance tested at 9.75 psf.  The MAGNUS Series 4500 Fixed window’s water resistance was successfully tested at 12.12 psf and is also rated R65.  Both MAGNUS Series 4500 windows were tested with 1” overall tempered and laminated double-pane insulated glass units, incorporating the SentryGlas Plus by DuPont laminating interlayer. All testing was completed by independent test labs with separate independent engineering review for the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for adherence to the current Florida Building Code.

Crystal’s MAGNUS Series 4500 features a choice of either 2-⅜” or 3-¼” frame depths, multi-point locks, sash perimeter compression seals, and top quality hardware. The frame’s insulating multi-chambers are suitable for optional reinforcement, an important feature for large size or heavy commercial rated windows.  The MAGNUS Series 4500 accommodates insulated glass units up to 1-⅜” and offers U-values as low as 0.20.

The uPVC material’s High-Definition Finish (HDF) outperforms standard vinyl to assure years of unparalleled service with minimal maintenance and it is available in three extruded colors – white, beige, and clay.  Additional solid color and wood grain foil options are available.  To facilitate new construction and retrofit installations in a variety of building types, optional nail fins and other accessories are available.

Other Crystal products approved for Florida construction zones outside HVHZ regions include eight select aluminum commercial, heavy-commercial, and architectural windows in slider, double-hung, fixed, and awning styles.  Recently, Crystal supplied over 2,100 window and door products for two new student residences at University of Florida-Gainesville’s campus, in a high-wind region of central Florida.  With the MAGNUS Series 4500, Crystal now has 10 products approved for use in Florida.

“Crystal is expanding in the Southeast where new development and renovation construction is strong,” said Steve Chen, President. “Florida is an exciting market, and we are proud that our Florida-approved products are meeting this demand.”

Crystal Improved Terrace Door Rises to New Heights

Crystal Window’s Series 1450/1460 Aluminum Swing Terrace Door has been structurally and thermally enhanced and offers new hardware (hydraulic closer shown below), glazing, and a laboratory water-tested ADA low sill option.

-Features Include ADA Compliant Sill, Enhanced Structural Performance, New Hardware –

QUEENS, NY, August 30, 2022 –National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems is pleased to announce its significantly improved Aluminum Series 1450 Out-Swing andSeries 1460 In-Swing Terrace Doors are now available.  This best-selling architectural product line has been reengineered and redesigned for elevated structural and thermal performance, with new features, options, and enhanced ADA compliance.

Crystal’s Series 1450/1460 Terrace Dooris constructed with heavy-duty 0.093” wall thickness extrusion and a redesigned strong multi-chamber 3-¼” jamb frame, making it well-suited for high-rise and wind-prone installations. Superior thermal performance of the Series 1450/1460 door is achieved with polyamide strut thermal break and heavy-duty gasketing to achieve U-values as low as 0.32. This thermal performance far surpassesNew York City’s latest energy code specifications, one of the most stringent state or municipal energy codes in the country. The Series 1450/1460 door offers glazing of either 1” or 1-¼” dual- or triple-pane tempered insulated glass units, with low-E coatings and gas-filling options for further energy efficiency and sound attenuation.

Crystal upgraded all the hardware selections for the Series 1450/1460to give the terrace door a sleeker look with even easier operation. The multi-point locking door features a new no-backplate door handle option which matches handles on Crystal’s high-end casement window products for continuity of appearance, and a separate cylinder keylock can be placed above or below this door handle.  Slim heavy-duty barrel hinges provide years of perfectly aligned operation.

A powerful adjustable hydraulic closer from leading German hardware manufacturer G-U (Gretsch-Unitas) features a concealed mounting plate and slide arm assembly designed for outswing door operation, which allows effortless operation of the door while maintaining the door’s sleek look on the interior.  A bottom stile 10” kick plate is also available for the ADA-compliant Series 1450D door.

The aluminum frame of Crystal’s Series 1450/1460Aluminum Swing Terrace Door is finished in durable environmentally sustainable powder coat paint, to either AAMA 2604 or 2605 performance standards. Architects and property owners can choose from a broad palette of standard and stock colors, two-tone (different interior and exterior) frame colors, and any custom color desired.

Left: The Crystal Series 1450/1460Swing Terrace Door 3-¼” jamb frame features polyamide strut thermal break, 0.093” wall thickness extrusion, and heavy-duty weatherstripping.  Right: The new contemporary no-backplate handle comes with a separate keylock option.


New Queens High-Rises Use Advanced Crystal Windows

Crystal Windows recently supplied 1,554 energy efficient MAGNUS commercial uPVC vinyl windows for three new construction multifamily buildings in Forest Hills, Queens, New York on a beautiful campus.

-Manufacturer Supplies Over 1,500 High-Performance uPVC Windows for Project-

QUEENS, NY, August 17, 2022 – Crystal Window & Door Systems, the award-winning national manufacturer, is proud to have furnished the recently completed multi-year Apex Place Apartments project with 1,554 high-performance commercial vinyl uPVC windows.  The three affordable housing high-rise towers, each between13 and 17 stories tall, were specified with Crystal’s premier extremely energy efficient MAGNUS Series 4500 window line.  The three multi-family buildings, known as Apex One, Apex Two, and Apex Three, are located on the same residential campus near the Long Island Expressway (I-495) and 108th Street in the Forest Hills section of New York City’s Borough of Queens.

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC has been in common use as a commercial window frame material in Europe for decades.  Now uPVC is growing in popularity in America since it offers strength similar to aluminum with the superior thermal efficiency of traditional vinyl windows.  Added benefits of the new material include low maintenance and inherent sound reduction properties.

“We are seeing increasing demand for our MAGNUS commercial uPVC vinyl windows in all types of mid- and high-rise projects, especially because it provides exceptional comfortfor residents in multifamily properties,” said Sabrina Leung, Architectural Sales and Engineering Manager for Crystal.  “Architects are embracing this material, specifying it here in New York and in all the major markets across the country.”

Crystal’s uPVC MAGNUS 4500 In-Swing and Fixed windows were exclusively used throughout the three buildings at Apex Place.  Virtually all the windows were very large in size and used combinations of 2 or 3 casement, fixed, and HVAC louver panels combined in expansive master frames.  Most of the building’s window openings were nearly floor-to-ceiling, with window combinations commonly spanning 65-¾” x 88-⅝” or 65-¾” x 97-¾,” while some were exceptionally large at 81” x 104”.  The Crystal MAGNUS 4500 window systems were a natural choice for such a project.

The Crystal MAGNUS 4500 Series windows feature a strong cadmium- and lead-free multi-chamber 2-⅜” depth uPVC frame.  Adding to the windows’ strength and ability to span large openings, frames and sashes have internal steel channel reinforcement.  Both the MAGNUS 4500 In-Swing Casement and Fixed windows for this project were AW-PG70 rated.  All the MAGNUS windows had standard white interiors and durable Grey or Medium Brown RenolitFX exterior foils.

A standout feature of the Crystal MAGNUS 4500 In-Swing window is its compression dual-seal weather-tight technology.  Other features include a multi-point locking system operated by a stylish high-quality handle.  Project specifications also called for the inclusion of a New York City code approved limit opening device.

For all the MAGNUS windows, thermal performance was enhanced by using Vitro SB60 glass and Argon gas for the 1-516” dual pane insulated glass units (IGUs).  The insulated glass package played a key role in the windows’ ability to surpass U-value 0.29 and SHGC 0.29 project specifications. The use of dissimilar thickness glass in the IGU, combined with the large overall IGU size and inherent sound attenuation properties of uPVC, delivered excellent OITC ratings of 30.  Reduction of sound transmittance was an important specification requirement because the project is situated near a major highway.

The 1,214aluminum model AEL-42 PTAC louvers for the project were manufactured by Reliable of Geneva, AL.  Crystal sourced and factory fitted the louvers with the other vision glass windows into the MAGNUS master frames.

The three new towers of the Apex Place Apartments provide 442 units of much-needed affordable housing.  The project is particularly interesting in that the three new construction buildings and a new 4-story parking garage structure were nestled in amongst three existing NYC Housing Authority multi-family buildings. Along with the existing community center and expansive central green spaces, the new buildings create an integrated cohesive campus. The new towers are all equipped with rooftop solar panels and offer expanded community spaces, fitness rooms, children’s playrooms, and on-site laundry facilities.

The owner/developer for Apex One, Two, and Three is Apex Place Association and Phipps Houses, both of New York, NY.  Architectural services were provided by a partnership between Curtis & Ginsberg Architects of New York, NY, and FX Collaborative of Brooklyn, NY.  Monadnock Construction of Brooklyn, NY was the general contractor for the three-building new construction project.

Crystal Windows Provides US Navy with New “Eyes” on Pacific

Crystal Pacific supplied new highly energy efficient MAGNUS uPVC commercial vinyl windows in sliding and fixed styles with special glazing for the classified activities building overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Point Loma Naval Base near San Diego Harbor.

-Manufacturer Supplies uPVC Windows for San Diego Area Naval Facility –

RIVERSIDE, CA, July 28, 2022 –An important classified facility at the Point Loma Naval Base is sporting new windows as it overlooks the Pacific Ocean near San Diego Harbor.  The building, which has been described as a modern-day “technical lighthouse” for US Navy ships at sea was recently renovated with 95 new windows supplied by Crystal Pacific Window & Door Systems.

The project involved numerous product, production, and delivery challenges which Crystal navigated well.  First was the need for a window system that would stand up to the damaging effects of incessant salt sea air and UV sunlight.  Besides the significant challenge of providing materials to a secure military facility job site, the Navy also imposed an incredibly aggressive timeline for project completion, to which Crystal and the fenestration installer responded with “all hands on deck.”

“Crystal Pacific’s success with this project is a result of our great product lineup, the can-do spirit of our technical and production staff, and our sales team’s smooth coordination with the general contractor and Naval Base staff,” said Vivian DeMarco, Sales Manager for Crystal Pacific. All the windows were fabricated at Crystal’s Riverside, CA, factory.  The general contractor and fenestration installer for the project was B3 Construction of San Diego.

To handle the sea and sun environment, the 4-story west-facing building just 100 yards from the ocean was supplied with 95 Crystal MAGNUS Series 700 uPVC commercial vinyl windows with special glass options.  The Crystal MAGNUS uPVC windows combine the strength of aluminum with the energy efficiency and low maintenance of vinyl windows.

Crystal used two styles of MAGNUS Series 700 uPVC window for the Naval Base project.  Most of the windows were the Series 700 single-slider rated R-PG55, and a few Series 700 fixed windows were also used with a CW-PG70 rating.  Both windows feature strong, durable cadmium- and lead-free multi-chambered 3-¼” jamb depth

uPVC frames.  Crystal’s uPVC windows are easily capable of spanning large openings. The new MAGNUS windows were mulled onsite to form continuous horizontal ribbons spanning entire floors on the modernist building. The single-slider windows were used for openings as large as 60” wide by 53-½” tall and the fixed windows were used in sizes of 69-½” wide by 53-½” tall with a few 52” wide by 92” tall.

The MAGNUS Series 700 single-slider features include dual brass rollers and pull rails for easy operation, reinforced interlocking sashes for a weather-tight seal, and a modern design automatic sash lock.  To maintain the building’s original interiors and exteriors, the Crystal MAGNUS windows were finished with a durable bronze Renolit foil which is extremely resistant to heat, sun, salt, air pollution, and abrasion.

Both Crystal MAGNUS Series 700 styles used have a 1” insulated glass unit (IGU) pocket.  For this San Diego area project, the IGUs were all specified with dual pane tempered Cardinal triple coated LoE3-366, argon gas filling, grey tinting, with a few units fitted with obscured glass.  The Cardinal LoE3-366 is noted for its superior thermal and sun control properties while maintaining the clearest views.  The special glass package combined with inherent uPVC energy efficiency delivered U-values of 0.29 and solar heat gain (SHGC) of 0.21 for the Series 700 slider and U-values of 0.28 and SHGC of 0.23 for the fixed style.

“Crystal is really quite proud of our products and performance with this project, including the final delivery which we made right on time,” said DeMarco.  “Our customer, B3 Construction, as well as the property owner, the US Navy, are both satisfied and looking forward to working with Crystal again.”

Crystal Commercial Vinyl Windows Benefit New High-Rise

Crystal Windows supplied nearly 1,000 uPVC MAGNUS Series 4500 commercial vinyl windows for the new multi-family property The Gilbert on First in East Harlem, Manhattan.

-Crystal uPVC MAGNUS Windows Installed at The Gilbert in Manhattan –

QUEENS, NY, August 7, 2020 –The residents of the new The Gilbert on First apartment building in East Harlem, Manhattan, are benefitting from the state-of-the-art commercial vinyl windows supplied by award-winning national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems.  The 16-story building located at 1912 First Avenue between 97th and 99th Streets boasts Crystal’s uPVC MAGNUS Series 4500 windows.  These commercial windows offer the strength and durability of aluminum frame windows with the superior energy efficiency of vinyl products.  Commercial uPVC vinyl windows have been widely used throughout Europe for many years.

Besides the windows, residents at The Gilbert on First will further benefit from integral window louvers for HVAC units supplied by Crystal, as well as the aesthetics of a unique “shadow box” custom integral window frame. The Gilbert on First is the latest in a growing list of major multi-family properties where architects, developers, and general contractors are selecting the Crystal uPVC MAGNUS commercial window line.

The Gilbert on First is directly across from NYC Health & Hospitals Metropolitan campus and is the second building in a two-part development which includes Draper Hall, (originally the hospital’s nursing staff dormitory, now senior housing) which was renovated a few years ago and for which Crystal also supplied new windows.  The Gilbert on First offers 152 subsidized units ranging from studios to 3-bedroom apartments and features community rooms, outdoor terraces, and an expansive garden space shared with Draper Hall. Just one block off the FDR Drive on Manhattan’s east side, the apartments overlook the East River with great views of the skyline and many bridges.

In total, 925 white uPVC MAGNUS Series 4500 commercial vinyl windows were used in The Gilbert on First.  The 3-¼” jamb internally-reinforced In-Swing (Turn Only) and Fixed window styles were predominantly mulled in 2- and 3-window configurations or in arrangements combining vision glass with louver panels.  Joined by structurally reinforced mullions, the multiple-window configurations provide large expanses of glass, some as vast as 72” wide by 87” tall.  The In-Swing windows were equipped with NY City approved limit-opening devices.









The Gilbert on First project used an architect-designed, custom fabricated shadow box feature on two sides of the south façade windows (left) to add energy-saving sunshading and visual interest.  Crystal’s MAGNUS Series 4500 In-Swing window(right) and Fixed window styles were used for this project.

True to the MAGNUS uPVC brand, the Series 4500 In-Swing Turn window boasts an outstanding CW-PG95 structural rating as well as an excellent energy efficient 0.29 U-value.  Both the In-Swing and Fixed windows were glazed with 1” insulated glass units (IGUs) using Vitro 316” Solarban 60 and clear glass lights.  In select instances where required by code, the double glass lights were tempered.  The non-tempered IGUs were fabricated by Crystal Windows and the tempered units by Vitro.

Integral HVAC louvers were sourced and factory-installed by Crystal into many of the window combination units.  Crystal used 387 PTAC Louver Model AEL-42 units by Reliable of Geneva, AL, for the project.

Crystal tapped into its broad network of resources for The Gilbert on First project to provide a unique architect-designed “shadow box” window feature for the building’s expansive open exposure south-facing façade.  The “shadow box” aluminum components– 8” deep with a tapering thickness from 1-½” to ¾” – were custom fabricated by Crystal’s subsidiary Gateway Extrusions and attached to the windows at the Crystal factory.  Using a novel approach, the architect designed the shadow box surround for installation on only two sides of the window perimeter, the head and west jambs, to create a contemporary decorative aesthetic and energy efficient sunshading effect.

The Gilbert on First is owned by Gilbert Apartments, LLC, an affiliate of developer SKA Marin, both of Great Neck, NY.  Dattner Architects of New York, NY, provided building design services and Procida Construction of the Bronx, NY was the general contractor.  Marvel Contracting of Oakland Gardens, NY provided window installation services.  The building is managed by Wavecrest Management of Richmond Hill, NY.

Crystal Magnus Series 4500 Receives Industry Recognition

-Commercial uPVC Vinyl Window Named 2019 US Glass Readers’ Choice-

QUEENS, NY, January 6, 2020 –National manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems and its product line continue to receive fenestration industry recognition.  In its December 2019 issue, leading national trade publication US Glass Magazine named the Crystal Magnus Series 4500 uPVC Commercial Vinyl Window the winner in the window and door category of its annual “Readers’ Choice Awards.”  The European inspired design Magnus Series 4500 uPVC windows and doors combine outstanding architectural structural performance ratings, superior sound attenuation, and great thermal performance, all in one product.  The window line is available in tilt-and-turn, in-swing casement, hopper, fixed, and swing door styles.  It is a relatively new addition to the Crystal product line, and it is increasingly popular with new construction projects striving for environmental sustainability.

“The Crystal Magnus Series 4500 window uses a specially formulated vinyl extrusion material and compression seal technology to create a remarkable window,” said Sabrina Leung, Crystal’s R&D/Architectural Sales Manager.“It has the structural strength to span large openings and be used in mid-rise buildings like a top aluminum frame window, yet simultaneously provides the extraordinary thermal performance of a vinyl window, as well as superior sound abatement.”With options, the Magnus Series 4500 tilt-and-turn window can achieve AW-PG70 structural ratings, STC sound attenuation levels of 41db, and thermal U-values as low as 0.20.

Crystal’s Magnus Series 4500 Commercial VinylLine received the US Glass 2019 Readers’ Choice Award.

The use of uPVC windows is common in European multi-family, office, institutional, and government buildings as well as upscale homes.  In the US, uPVC window products such as the Crystal Magnus Series 4500 are making big inroads as they revolutionize the industry.

The US Glass Readers’ Choice Awards are determined by subscriber online votes across the nation and internationally during November of the most impressive new products featured in the publication during the year.  Crystal was a previous Readers’ Choice Award winner in the window and door category in 2016 with its aluminum 8500/8600 projected window line.

US Glass is the most widely read architectural glass industry magazine and is the official publication of the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA).  The magazine is offered monthly in both print and online editions.  The associated US Glass online information platform also provides a daily email service to subscribers and offers the latest industry news, product information, commentary and observations of leading industry experts.

Crystal Supplies Advanced uPVC Windows for New Airport Hotel

– Manufacturer SuppliesNew Energy EfficientWindowsfor San Diego Marriott Affiliate-

RIVERSIDE, CA, November 22, 2019 –Crystal California, the West Coast production operation of national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems, recently provided commercial vinyl windows for the new TownePlace Suites by Marriott hotel located near the San Diego International Airport. Crystal supplied one of its leading products for this project, the Magnus Series 4500, the European inspired design uPVC commercial vinyl window.  Crystal’s Magnus products combine the strength and durability of commercial aluminum windows with the outstanding thermal performance of vinyl windows.

“Crystal was pleased to work with fenestration dealer and installer Picture Perfect Windows & Doors to design the right window system for this new hotel,” said Crystal project manager Vivian DeMarco. “Crystal also worked closely with the general contractor Roy Anderson Corporation adjusting production and delivery of the windows to accommodate the changing needs of the project schedule.”

The project called for a total of 324 Crystal Magnus Series 4500 Fixed Picture Windows with a 3-¼” frame depth and AAMA PG40 rating.  Most of the openings were specified with sash combinations involving vision glass with PTAC louver units below and some with grey spandrel laminated glass transoms all contained within a master frame.  The majority of the Crystal Magnus windows were tall, with most either 90” or 124” in height.  Optional nailing fins aided the installation of the new construction windows.

Crystal California supplied its high-end commercial Magnus Series 4500 uPVC windows for the new TownePlace Suites by Marriott at San Diego International Airport, providing superior guest comfort.

To provide the visual aesthetics of multiple glass lights in one opening, 1.85” wide simulated divided light tape and 1” thick applied sculpted grids were used extensively.  High-quality durable dark bronze color foil laminate was used on the window frame exteriors with either extruded white vinyl or the bronze foil for interiors.

The 259 PTAC louvers positioned in the window openings below the vision glass mate with space conditioning units supplying individual guest rooms.  The Model AEL-42 PTAC louvers were sourced from Reliable of Geneva, AL, and factory installed in the window frames by Crystal prior to jobsite delivery.

The Series 4500 windows’ 1” insulated glass units (IGUs) utilized dual panes of Cardinal 316” LoĒ3-366 exterior glass and 316” clear interior glass with Argon gas filling.  The IGUs help the windows deliver great U-values of 0.28 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) values of 0.22.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott at San Diego Airport is part of the Liberty StationCommunity and is located on a decommissioned Naval Training Center. With a naval motif inspired interior design, the hotel features 222 guest rooms, breakfast dining area, outdoor patio and pool facilities, a fitness center, meeting rooms, and catering for events.  Hospitality specialist architecture firm Degan&Degan of Seattle, WA, designed the hotel, and Roy Anderson Corporation, a subsidiary of Tutor Perini headquartered in Gulfport, MS, was the general contractor.  Picture Perfect Windows & Doors of San Diego provided fenestration installation services for the project.

New One Flushing Housing Development Uses Crystal’s Energy Efficient Heavy-Commercial Vinyl Windows

Major NYC Affordable Housing Project Uses Over 1,500 Crystal Magnus Products-

FLUSHING, NY, June 27, 2019 – Crystal Window & Door Systems, the award-winning national manufacturer, supplied 1,532 state-of-the-art heavy-commercial vinyl windows for the recently completed One Flushing project.  This development represents one of the largest uses to date of the new Crystal uPVC Magnus Series 4500 products.  The Magnus architecturally-rated European-inspired vinyl windows provide the strength and durability of high-end aluminum windows yet offer superior energy efficiency and low maintenance associated with vinyl window technology.

One Flushing is a multi-generational affordable and senior housing development with 231 apartments.  The rental units range from studio to 3 bedrooms and are set aside for defined income bracket tenants.  A massive 10-story building with 400 feet of frontage, One Flushing is located at 133-45 41st Avenue in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens.  While one building, the structure used a “sawtooth” offset facade and both light and dark grey textured face brick to break up the monolithic appearance and give the aesthetic illusion of multiple buildings.

For the project, Crystal provided a total of 533 Magnus Series 4500 In-Swing Casement and 999 Magnus Series 4500 Fixed Picture windows as well as 418 louver panels to fill the building’s 621 large window openings.  In most openings (some as large as 87” wide by 83” tall), a triple combination of a casement window, a fixed window, and a louver were incorporated in one master frame.  In other openings, double units of either a casement or fixed window were combined with a louver.

The Crystal Magnus Series 4500 In-Swing Casement window features tight compression sealing frame and sash technology with strong uPVC materials and fusion-welded corners.  Since One Flushing was a new construction rather than a window replacement project, the 2-⅜” depth frame instead of the 3-¼” was specified.  The window has an outstanding AW-PG70 AAMA rating.  The Series 4500 In-Swing Casement window also features top quality hardware and multi-point locks.  To accommodate the building’s senior tenants, all the Magnus operating handles were specially located on the window at 44-46” above the floor.  Per New York City multi-family building requirements, the window’s in-swing opening was limited to 4” for safety by a Crystal optional sash stop device.

Crystal Windows supplied its Magnus Series 4500 uPVC Commercial Vinyl Windows for the new One Flushing residential complex in Queens, NY.  Recently introduced by Crystal, these strong, elegant, energy efficient windows have U-values of 0.29 and sound attenuation values of OITC34 / STC 40.

The project also made extensive use of the Crystal Magnus 4500 Fixed Picture window.  Like the Magnus 4500 Casement window, the fixed window was also a 2-⅜” jamb depth strong energy efficient fusion-welded corner uPVC vinyl model.  The 4500 picture windows were glazed with either insulated glass units or PTAC louvers.

Glass glazing for both the Magnus 4500 Fixed Picture and Casement windows consisted of a double pane 1-¼” insulated glass unit (IGU).  For energy efficiency, safety, and sound attenuation in the busy urban location, Solarban 60 low-E ¼” exterior lights, ¼” laminated interior lights, and Argon gas filling were specified for the IGUs which were fabricated and supplied by Vitro Architectural Glass.

With this IGU glazing system and its vinyl sashes and frames, the Crystal Magnus Series 4500 In-SwingCasement provides a remarkable U-value of 0.29, which far surpasses that of most aluminum windows that would typically be used on a project such as this.  Also, the use of IGUs with laminated glass and vinyl materials provide great OITC 34/STC 40 sound reduction for the building tenants.

Over 400 of the Magnus 4500 Fixed Picture windows were outfitted with PTAC louver systems rather than IGUs.  The model AEL-42 Type 7116 louver units with a black finish were manufactured by Reliable Products of Geneva, AL.  Crystal sourced the louvers for the project and factory-installed them into the Series 4500 window frames.

All the window and frame exterior faces were finished in either the standard white extruded color, or an optional red or black-brown colorfoil.

To accommodate the architect’s desire to set the windows in the building openings toward the exterior facade, Crystal developed a unique innovation to facilitate the installation.  A special design T-angle anchor to bridge the building walls’ brick and block gap while acting as a strong, level sill support platform for the window was custom fabricated by Crystal Windows’ extrusion subsidiary.  In addition, special slide-in clip strap anchors and special aluminum sill covers were used to securely and permanently install the window systems.

The One Flushing design architect was Bernheimer Architecture of Brooklyn, NY, and the project’s executive architect was SLCE Architects of New York, NY. Steven Winter Associates of New York, NY, provided energy and environmental consulting services for the project.  Monadnock Development was the general contractor, and the owner selected by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is One Flushing MM, LLC, a partnership of Monadnock and community organizations Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee (HANAC) and Asian Americans for Equality AAFE.

Additional fenestration for the ground floor retail space glazing and building entranceways was fabricated by Gamco Corporation of Flushing, NY using YKK storefront systems.  Vista Skywall Systems of Flushing, NY handled all the building’s fenestration installation work.

One Flushing is located directly in the heart of the Flushing shopping district adjacent to the LIRR station and two blocks from the #7 MTA Main Street subway station.  The new building offers numerous amenities including 24-hour doorman, gym, 156-space underground garage, 29,000-ft2 of ground floor retail space, and a 134kW solar array.  In addition, tenants enjoy rooftop terraces, community rooms, rear yard outdoor spaces and a rooftop residents’ vegetable garden.  Catering to the building’s senior population, a variety of specialized services will be offered on site.