Series 2600 Heavy Commercial / Architectural Aluminum Thermal-Break Double Hung Tilt Windows

  • Frame Depth: 3-1/4″
  • AAMA Rating: CW-PG50
  • Insulated Glass Unit Depth = 7/8″ – Enhanced insulation & sound reduction.
  • Powder Coat Paint on Standard Colors – The ultimate environmental friendly coating designed for durability.
  • Tilting Sashes – Make cleaning easy.
  • Metal Tilt Latch
  • Anti-Drift Head Clip Lock – Automatically secures the top sash in the closed position for safety, security, and a weather-tight seal
  • Continuous Anti Drift Clip at Bottom Lift Rail
  • Three Layers of Weather Strip On Sill
  • Hospital Sill

Product Description

This Crystal® ThermoBlok™ aluminum tilt window features an innovative polyurethane thermal barrier technology that thermally breaks conductivity of the aluminum frame to substantially reduce thermal transfer from exterior of window to interiors, and “intercept” warm edge glass spacer technology. These integrated features reduce heating and cooling loads on HVAC systems, providing long term energy efficiency and utility savings to property owners. This series is ideal for both residential and light commercial applications. It’s value price point, easy-to-clean tilt out sashes, and coordinating architectural circle top shapes make it a popular choice with developers.


  • Special Color Finishes – Custom Colors or two-tone available.
  • Colonial, Diamond or Georgian Grid or Exterior Applied Grid
  • Oriel Windows or A/C Oriel Kit
  • Low-E Coating & Argon – Enhances energy efficiency.
  • Integral Nailing Fin – For New Construction
  • Glazing options available to meet many state and local municipality energy codes, call a Crystal representative to confirm glazing type required